Re: Segment Loss

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Alan Sewards wrote:
David and Ian,
I also recorded the 0245 ch 12 seg 16 missing today, but not the
Met-5 one.
I can't comment on the Missed Data Packets stats as I don't normally
look at them. However, the Skystar SkyDSL Signal Status display shows
uncorrected blocks.
But: starting at 04:36 today and continuing until 15:05 the log
shows dozens of entries saying: Cannot join eumetsat Channel 1,
key xxxxx. and 4 channel lost messages for channels 3 and

I have not installed the latest Tellicast and EKU software ugrades so
running the older (well-tested!) ones. I have a 64 MB Ramdisk used
for the 'receiving' files, that is temp and 0.fsy, the latter has
to 32.9 MB.

I am puzzled by the missing key messages, particularly as I don't seem
to be losing anything! (unless it is stuff I don't normally take)

Best regards - Alan (Sewards)

I would suggest you report those messages to EUMETSAT, Alan. I've already done so, but it may help to know that the older client software also produces similar errors. I've only seen one such message today.

By the way: there is (probably) no need to use the "temp" files mechanism, even with a RAMdisk, when using my software, and quite possibly using "temp" files will simply result in a greater I/O load. If you need to use "temp", it should be on the same physical disk as the "received" files, so that the final step in the receiving operation becomes a "move" (i.e rename in disk directory), rather than a "copy", incurring extra I/O.

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