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Robert Moore

That's good news David. Though I have all my update files downloaded I have not installed them yet, partly because I have been a bit busy but also because some of the problems people have been having reminded me of the awful time I had last time around. I shall want to receive the METOP data when they become available but meanwhile I shall sit tight receiving perfect data without any trouble. The updates can await the posting of the step by step guide.


--On 29 May 2006 14:36 +0100 David J Taylor <gm8arv@...> wrote:

ALAN GARD wrote:
Hi folks

With all the problems being reported surrounding MSG-2 I'm seriously
considering whether this method of acquiring weather info. in future
is really for me, something of a computerphobe. I'm not attempting
to download the test data, obviously, therefore. Perhaps approaching
it in stages is best.

To start with, I don't understand it when David says:
"T systems Hotbird 13E" is incorrect.
You should select: "EUMETCast :: Hotbird 13 E" instead.

On my system, Setup4PC/Satellite settings tab/shows "Satellite:

"Status" button/Transponder status screen/Transponder information
block, after "acquiring", shows "Network: T-Systems", "Orbital
Position: 013.0 East"

"Data Services" button/Transponder block shows "EUMETCast:10853MHz"
and Provider Name block shows "EUMETCast:" Unicast MAC Filter box
shows: "MAC address 00 D0 D7 0C A3 A9"

It all seems to be working OK at the moment for MSG-1.

Question 1: Is this right? Question 2: If not, what exactly do I
need to do about it, please? It all seems to be working OK at the
moment for MSG-1.


When I refer to "T systems Hotbird 13E" is incorrect" I mean when you
right-click the green satellite icon in the system tray area. A pop-up
menu appears listing the satellites, and if you select T-Systems rather
than EUMETCast you will get the wrong settings. It is indeed confusing
that, as you state, Status/Network shows "T-Systems", but it due to the
fact that EUMETCast data is carried over the T-Systems network!

I am hoping that the transition to MSG-2 will be painless, and that the
problems will be restricted to the parallel running period we are now in.
Until EUMETSAT announce exactly what is to happen, you can carry on
enjoying the high-quality Meteosat-8 (MSG-1) data just as you are doing
right now, without any further action on your part.

Nearer the time, I expect there will be a step-by-step guide posted as to
exactly what changes to make and how to make them. With well over 600
folks here to help, you are not alone.


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