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John Parkins <kvp@...>

Hello Alan,

No the log didn't help at all on one line it was downloading a file
the next line was when I restarted it! Oh well at least I know it's
not just me. In fact I had been rather impressed with that machine, it
had been running for nearly a month since it's last re-boot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003, 3:39:25 PM, you wrote:

AS> John,
AS> I have had this happen twice, both times I reported it here, the second
AS> email is quoted below FYI (17/10/2003).

AS> Hi all,
AS> This morning at 0653 UTC, the tellique software shut itself down after
AS> having problems with the child process, almost identical to that which I had
AS> a few days ago and reported here. I did not notice this until a couple of
AS> hours later, and tried to restart tellique but it would not restart. I had
AS> to shut down the computer and restart it, whereupon tqrecv would start and
AS> run and everything else could be got back running again. I wish I knew the
AS> cause of this, but whatever the cause it does show that tqrecv is not
AS> robust. Perhaps the newer version (is it officially approved by Eumetsat
AS> yet?) may be better.

AS> Oh, and HRV is back over Europe, thank you!

AS> Best regards - Alan
AS> BTW: the Tellique log showed the shutting down of tqrecv when it had lost
AS> its child process. what did your log say?

AS> Best of luck - Alan

Best regards,
John mailto:kvp@...

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