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Alan Sewards <alan.sewards@...>

I have had this happen twice, both times I reported it here, the second
email is quoted below FYI (17/10/2003).

Hi all,
This morning at 0653 UTC, the tellique software shut itself down after
having problems with the child process, almost identical to that which I had
a few days ago and reported here. I did not notice this until a couple of
hours later, and tried to restart tellique but it would not restart. I had
to shut down the computer and restart it, whereupon tqrecv would start and
run and everything else could be got back running again. I wish I knew the
cause of this, but whatever the cause it does show that tqrecv is not
robust. Perhaps the newer version (is it officially approved by Eumetsat
yet?) may be better.

Oh, and HRV is back over Europe, thank you!

Best regards - Alan
BTW: the Tellique log showed the shutting down of tqrecv when it had lost
its child process. what did your log say?

Best of luck - Alan

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Erm.... just noticed that for some reason the Tellique software just
stopped at 23:56 last night. It's running on it's own computer
(1800+AMD WinXP) and hasn't done this before. Anyone else had the
software just stop? No indications in the log and the computer and
Skystar card are working fine.

Best regards,
John mailto:kvp@...

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