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Robert Moore

Arne I now belong to the '.. if it works, don't fix it' school of thought. So if everything is currently working OK what are minimum changes I need to
make using the update files? Just EKU software?


--On 19 May 2006 20:28 +0000 a_van_belle <a.van.belle@...> wrote:

Hello Vincenzo,

The double "About" is a minor problem in the new Tellicast client that
has been reported to Eumetsat already.

The tellicast version you mention is correct. is the firmware in your EKU, this was not updated, only the
eToken RunTimeEnvironment is updated from 3.51 to 3.65 but it is not
easy to check this.

Are you sure about TechniSat driver version ??
The version in EUMETSAT's update is
But if it works, don't fix it !

Arne van Belle

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Hi to the list,
after several trials I have done the upgrades.
Now I have noticed that if I right click on the T in the taskbar
Compares two times the words ABOUT TC-RECV.
If I click on the top one I get the information's but If I click on the
bottom one, nothing happens.
Has anybody noticed it?
Is it normal?
Please are the upgrade done ok?

TC-RECV version is 2.4.4 B 200511221336682
ETOKEN firmware version is
TechniSat DVB-PC TV Star PCI driver version is


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