Re: Updates

Robert Moore

Mystery solved. I had two versions of the 'licence_cd_v5 file': the exe file was 25,410KB and the winzip file 25,353KB. Plus the 1KB readme file.
I'm not joking when I say I must get my eyes tested again - I really am having problems - can't even do soldering jobs for myself now.
Hope I didn't confuse everyone.

--On 18 May 2006 19:45 +0000 a_van_belle <> wrote:

Thanks Robert for confirmation,

My first guess is that the apparently huge file size of the TC update
did breach my 0.fsy and Ramdisk limit. I do see some missing segments
on both receive PC's in cycle 17:00 that could be connected to this.

With the pre-released Tellicast client at only 6.6 Mb this does
surprise me.

Robert can you tell us the size of the largest file in the update folder ?

This might imply that my recommendations on using a Ramdisk will have
to revised even though I had this setup running with MSG1 and MSG2
data without any hiccup until now!

Arne van Belle

--- In, Robert Moore <rsmoore@...> wrote:

The folder contains two files about 50.8 MB together and a 1KB
Readme file.


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