Re: MSG outage


In a message dated 18/05/2006 16:43:27 GMT Standard Time,

Me not reading the dates in the message from EuMetSat correctly (or not
realising it was the 18th today!)


You and me both.

I've been running a couple of animation's over the last couple of days
tracking the 'summer deep depression' which was running OK mid morning as was MSG
D M.

I nipped over to Heathrow at lunchtime to see the arrival of the Airbus A
380 - IT'S BIG! - I was right at the end of the runway as it screamed low right
overheard - coming in, I might add, at an alarming angle in the strong cross

Got back home to find MSG D M stuck on 12:30 cycle but Zone Alarm 'traffic
light' showing data flow, green satellite icon and 'pink T' - 'Oh dear, now
Brief panic till I read the EUMETSAT messages.

Trouble is I'll have holes in an interesting animation.

John Tellick.

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