Re: MSG-2 data going to .....?

Douglas Deans <dsdeans@...>

[Though I suspect David will know]
I have not yet updated to the latest MSG Data Manager software (I know - I
know!) but I see my data throughput via the TELLICAST graph is now 4 MB's -
EKU having been activated.
Now - and I suspect I'm not the only person wondering about this - where is
all this new data going - where do I find it?
Is this data going to clog up my computer?
Will it auto delete as does current data in line with the various data
channel pre-set delete regimes?
John Tellick.

Two issues here John.
With the old software I would expect the raw data to be filling up your
'received' folder (or wherever you put your raw data).
However it does depend on how you have managed your recv-channels.ini file.
If you have left in the '*' (if you have not edited this file it will be
there by default) then all channels, including the new ones will put raw
data into your 'received' folder.
If on the other hand (as I do) you have the '*' hashed out then you must
specify each channel separately eg.

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]

When you do this it means that by leaving out a channel (put a # in front of
it) the raw data will not clog up your received folder.
Specifying each channel separately like that (and remember by the end of the
year we will have over 20 channels) gives you much more control.
David has already done a mail explaining this.

Meantime if data has piled up in your 'received ' folder simply delete it.

Hope that helps.

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