R: Anyone received the Tellicast update ?

Vincenzo Mone

Hi Arne,
good to know.
I use an automatically command that deletes all the files in the
And in
I hope I did not delete it.
I will check carefully in the next days before delete the files.
Thanks Arne for the info.

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Currently at work, did anyone notice a tellicast client update in a
folder "updates" under received ?


ID: 300 (HotBird-6 & AtlanticBird-3)
PID: 1922 (NSS806)
Channel: EUMETSAT Data Channel 2
target directory: sub-directory "updates" below the target directory
for Channel 2 (e.g. received/updates)
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Licence_cd_v5.exe (Windows)
Licence_cd_v5.tar.gz (Linux)
Readme_cd_v5.txt (Instructions)
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16 May to 31 May 2006.

Arne van Belle

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