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The MSG trials having got nothing to do with my mail to Eutelsat. If
Eutmetsat (T-Systems ) were the only ones to be having uplink/downlink
problems on that transponder then understandably I would accept that they
had a problem ( under trial ) to sort out. However every TV/Data
uplink/downlink has been out at the same time on 11096 so it has to be a
Eutelsat/Hotbird problem. My mail to Eutelsat was simply to ask how long we
can expect these problems to continue -- not unreasonable given the number
of times there has been a problem.



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Just to update the position, I have now received a further mail from
Eutelsat confirming that my query ( complaint !! ) has been sent to the
appropriate dept. who will be in touch with me soon.
Perhaps we should bear in mind that these are trials !


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