Re: New group - and some question

Lawrence <lawrence@...>

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003 08:29:16 -0000, you wrote:

software before you can get to those files. I get the impression,
though, that the present dissemination via Hotbird and soon the C-
band satellite has made things a little easier for Eumetsat, and a
lot cheaper for the users, so likely the DVB dissemination will
remain. That's my reading of the situation.

Hello David and Ulli

It is interesting to wonder why the DVB HotBird transmission was not
originally planned. I suppose that the idea of doing it this way was
not even thought about, yet the cost implications for the user are the
difference between receiving it and not receiving it. Not to mention
trying to install a huge dish for HRIT.

We may never know.


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