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Robert Moore

Douglas I thought I had read this on a EUMETSAT website, but as I can't find it again I must be mistaken. I've only found a comparison with Met-7 so I suppose it's possible that I misread that .... strange.

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Doouglas (and others) where/how do we find out if our equipment is up to
the two data streams in parallel?
From the EUMETSAT web site it looks as if the main advantage of -2 is the
higher resolution in the visible?


I guess it will just be a case of trying it and seeing if we lose sectors.
It is 2 new (temporary) channels so that gives us the option to direct the
raw data to another 'received' folder. Perhaps process it at another

I am a bit puzzled at you remark re the higher resolution visible. I
expect it to be identical to MSG-1 (other than it's location...fine tuning
etc.). Where did you read this, Robert.


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