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I take David's cautionary note - but in terms of a technical
has John taken the right route I am wondering?

James Brown

I am using this version at the moment and everything is ending up
where it should.
On the 15th?....well we'll wait and see.
As I said, I want to see how my setup copes with it...and to see how
the MSG-2 data compares. The physical disk might well be a bit on
the slow side.
If MSG-2 is producing essentially the same material then there is no
point in collecting both MSG-1 and MSG-2 on a permanent basis.
I suppose it won't be too long before all the AVHRR stations are on
line; and then there's I hope I'll discover how near the
limit I am.

The duplication of MSG-1 and MSG-2 data is purely for the trial period.
This will cease by the latest at the end of July (and probably before) as
Meteosat 9 then becomes operational on 1st August at 0�.
Decontamination and re-location will be carried out over July.


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