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I think you are misreading Eutelsat for Eumetsat.

The Eumetsat data is fed and uplinked by T-Systems to their multiplex on
Eutelsats Hotbird 6 from the T-Systems site at Usingen in Germany. As I
understand it there is only one uplink frequency for each transponder so any
uplink/feed problem would affect all PID's.

Hotbird 6 tp129
Horizontal downlink 11.09591
Vertical uplink 14.37516

Fair point Peter. But where, for example, is the sailing channel uplinked
from. It is also on 11096 and it was dead as well. The entire transponder
output was out. I take your point it could be uplink that makes the
transponder fail on output but there are many diverse uplinks suggesting it
is Eutelsat's problem. 11096 carries quite a number of data/TV programs of
which Eumetcast is just one.
An interesting debate nevertheless. Will be interesting to see to whom
Eutelsat attributes the outages.
Hopefully all is now well. There is a lot of learning curves with these new
systems !


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