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Robert Moore

Doouglas (and others) where/how do we find out if our equipment is up to the two data streams in parallel?
From the EUMETSAT web site it looks as if the main advantage of -2 is the higher resolution in the visible?


--On 11 May 2006 15:47 +0100 Douglas Deans <dsdeans@...> wrote:

Eumetsat have confirmed the start date of the MSG-2 commissioning trial.
The following is taken from the Eumetsat web site.
Two new channels will be used.

MSG-2 Commissioning Trial on EUMETCast
Starting 15 May 2006 EUMETSAT will make available via EUMETCast MSG-2
SEVIRI image data in parallel to the operational Meteosat-8 SEVIRI image
data service.
Users should note that until the entry into operational service, the
priority is given to commissioning activities. The early access to MSG-2
data is therefore provided on a best effort basis, without full service
commitment. This implies that schedule changes might occur at any time and
that dissemination might be interrupted due to other commissioning
activities. Data delivered during commissioning are not considered to be
validated data.

Before participating in the trial, users should check that their
reception station is able to support the delivery of the high volume of
from parallel reception.

For full details go to :-


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