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Just to update the position, I have now received a further mail from
Eutelsat confirming that my query ( complaint !! ) has been sent to the
appropriate dept. who will be in touch with me soon.
Perhaps we should bear in mind that these are trials !

I think you are misreading Eutelsat for Eumetsat.
The commercial satellite, Hot Bird 6's transponder problems have nothing to
do with Eumetsat (although I feel sure they will not be happy paying for
anything less than a good service) and we already know that other services
(including TV) on 11096 were also off. This confirms it was not an uplink
problem (or at least a Eumetsat specific one).
It is pretty unusual to have transponders off for periods of time and I
don't think I can ever remember, for example, SKY having such problems.
This has now happened at least 4 times in the past few weeks and perhaps
more as it would be difficult to tell, in absence, due to our marvellous
automated software.


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