Re: Bracknel overlay

Robert Moore

Mario there's nothing wrong with your image. There isn't any MSG-1 imagery to be cut out of the top left corner - the Bracknell chart wraps over the satellite horizon at this point. So we all have the triangular patch over Northern Greenland and Labrador. Quite useful if you want to put some text on the picture without intruding on the imagery!


--On 09 May 2006 10:33 +0200 Mario Rindlisbacher <> wrote:

I tried the Bracknel overlay option in Geosatsignal and I have the
problem, that the upper-left part of the image (northern
canada/greenland)) only shows the overlay, but the MSG image is cut. I
used the polar stereografic projection and a image resolution of 1024x768.

Any ideas what went wrong?

Thanks, Mario

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