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possible cause for your reception problems ???

Solar flare detected and arriving this afternoon - and another this

that eruption was bigger than the planet Jupiter. GPS stopped working,
Pagers went out, and AM and Shortwave flopped like a pancake.

I could get only one station on the broadcast band, it is about a mile
and THEY even had noise on them.

Hopefully the outages were only temporary.

Joris van Pelt
Thanks for the mail and yes solar activity is certainly high at the moment.
However, in this instance, I do not believe this had anything to do with it.
Why ?
There have been a number of outages of this transponder recently most under
very quite solar conditions.
The other transponders (those that were checked) were all working fine
whilst 11096MHz was uniquely out. (again)
Although there had been 2 'X' class solar flares the largest, approx X5,
came from a large sunspot on the eastern limb. Its resulting CME was not
directly at the earth but more a glancing blow. (sadly the magnetic field
turned north so Auroras were in short supply)
The group are awaiting an explanation from Eutelsat as to why this
transponder continues to give trouble and whether this problem is likely to
It is tolerable for TV services but for 24/7 data services it is a problem.


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