Re: Digest Number 59

SAT 2000 <sat2000@...>

SAT 2000 SOLUTIONS wrote :
possible cause for your reception problems ???

Solar flare detected and arriving this afternoon - and another this

that eruption was bigger than the planet Jupiter. GPS stopped working,
Pagers went out, and AM and Shortwave flopped like a pancake.

I could get only one station on the broadcast band, it is about a mile away,
and THEY even had noise on them.

Hopefully the outages were only temporary.

Joris van Pelt

Message: 1
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 19:56:34 +0100
From: "Douglas Deans" <douglas@...>
Subject: Hot Bird 6 11096 Transponder

I think it's about time we all wrote to Eutelsat to complain about this
intolerable service.
I do assume Eumetsat, who must be paying megabucks for the service have
voiced their disapproval.
This Transponder problem is far too frequent.


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