re to Tony Baldwin

skypecallme <skypecallme@...>

thanks tony balwin for answering me i wann ask you pls

for the frequency 10.854 GHz on wich satellite on 13east or 0east and
what is the symbol rate and polarization pls ?

in wich position MSG braodcasts the channel on 0 degeast or hotbird ?
what is the frequency pol sym rate in wich they re nraodcast on
hotbird and is it a tv channel or a dvbdata channel ?

for the tv channels i know my freind there are a lot of channels on
hotbird :) but i was asking if there is a EUMETCast tv channel on
hotbird or 0 east or a msc related tv channel

and you didn't give me the link my freind for the software needed
thank you very much for answering me :)

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