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pls need some help i read all these things bu ti didn't find answers
to my questions coud somebody answer my questions here are my questions :
what is the frequency of the channel in ghz in satellite MSG-1 that
sends the data on dvb
MSG is on 10.854 GHz

and what is its MSG-1 position is it with the hotbird fleet at 13east
or another position ? cos ive seen in a site that MSG-1 is 0east but
in the help links they say that you have to postion the dish on
hotbird pls help
MSG is at 0 deg but is rebroadcast on the Hotbird satellite which is at 13 deg east

do they have a satellite tv channel that broadcats if yes what is
the frequency and the symbol rate pls
Yes, there are many TV channels on Hotbird ..... BBC World is on 12.597 GHz and 27,500 symbol rate

what software do i need to receive the data pls and do i need a card
or something to decrypt the data or just the software ?
thank you for answering me and pls anwer me thanks again
Software and equipment is covered in David's link below.
Good luck,

On the group's home page, please look at the link "How to receive EUMETCast".

which will answer many of your questions.

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