Re: Hot Bird 6 11096 Transponder


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It didn't help that I had just started testing a new beta update of
the MSG Data Manager (which reduces memory consumption) just when
the problem happened! Unfortunately, I'm one of the people who has
to reboot to recover from this. I suspect Arne thought that he had
messed up something as well!

They don't fool me now David ! I have on trial a the new Skystar
2.6B and my regular digital TV receiver running in parallel with my
receive PC. All 3 receivers confirmed loss of signal.
A good way to test the 2-way splitter and both Skystar revisions.

Can confirm that the outage also affected Kurdsat and Sailing channel
who are on the same transponder.
Another transponder on Hotbird 6 was not affected (11054 / ZDF).

Have gaps from 18:48 to 19:12 and from 19:13 to 19:20,
from 19:22 to 19:30 and finally from 19:33 to 20:07

Both receive systems resumed automatically at around 20:07

Arne van Belle

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