Re: Hot Bird 6 11096 Transponder


--- In MSG-1@..., "Douglas Deans" <douglas@d...> wrote:
I think it's about time we all wrote to Eutelsat to complain about
intolerable service.
I do assume Eumetsat, who must be paying megabucks for the service
have also
voiced their disapproval.
This Transponder problem is far too frequent.

You're right Douglas, again I have two PC's out of lock, just when I
was testing a 2-way splitter to power two receivers from one LNB.
Monitoring Sailing channel on the same transponder does also show
interruptions and "freezes".
At this moment (19:07) still no lock on Eumetcast.
Will try other Hotbird6 transponders to check if only the 11096 is
Could it be an uplink problem or is it the recent breakout of solar
flux that impacts on Hotbird 6?

By the way they do expect a high possibility of "polar light" the
coming nights, unfortunately it's very cloudy over here.

Arne van Belle

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