Week 44 looks interesting

James Brown <james@...>

A test of HRV using wavelet lossless compression will take place from 13:00 29/10/2003 until 13:00 30/10/2003.
These will be disseminated in place of the HRIT JPEG compressed HRV products.

Image data will be switched from the IQGSE to the IMPF on the 28/10/2003 at 13:00. There may be a short interruption to the
SEVIRI dissemination. Some differences are expected in the headers, image quality and compression efficiecy.

Looking at the news for the week ahead - some more teasers for David - I wonder if your thoughts about HRV have been listened to David?

Incidentally, does anyone understand the gain changes with reference to the channel numbers - I didn't even know there was a channel 13.4 !!

James Brown

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