Re: GRB and BFR files

Tom Schoettle <tomsracing@...>

A program exists to decode GRIB2 data which is produced by the NWS.

Webpage: NDFD GRIB2 Decoder

I tested the Eumetsat GRIB file David sent me with the degrib.exe contained in the
program package and it reads the date and time from the grib. So it is a GRIB file.
The rest of the data I haven't tested up to now, but a quick look showed some
incompatibilities between the Data Tables used in Eumetsat and the NWS for GRIB2.

The NDFD GRIB2 Decoder is worth a look. It can generate images from all the
data contained in a GRIB2 file and generate a webpage linking all these images
together for easy viewing. That works for all the NWS Data covering the USA.
Recommended Download!!!

Description of the GRIB2 format is at:
FM 92-XII GRIB General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary Form


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