Re: Transponder outage

David J Taylor

--- In MSG-1@..., "a_van_belle" <a.van.belle@h...> wrote:
If it was a pure software matter, you should be able to get it
working again using a warm reboot.
I think that's what I'm doing, Arne. I don't need to press the
reset button, simply shut down Windows 2000, go through the BIOS
startup (which does NOT show the memory check), and login to Windows
2000 when it has booted. As the Setup4PC shows a locked signal, it
is as if the Tellique software cannot survive the loss of signal.
As you knwo, I only have a Pentium III 550MHz, so perhaps there is a
critical timeout, and my PC can't respond quickly enough.

By the way, other Eutelsat customers saw the same outages - one
actually contacted me to confirm the times....


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