Re: Transponder outage


If it was a pure software matter, you should be able to get it
working again using a warm reboot.

Although these Skystar cards are cheap, they're quite sophisticated !
The receiver module does contain a front-end, IF+filter, synthesiser
and QPKS demodulator (SL1710 type).
Both Synthesiser and demodulator need to lock.
The synthesiser is quartz controlled but the demodulator is using
a "free-running" VCO that also acts as AFC.
My guess is that on some cards the demodulator may be a bit off
center. After a signal dropout the demod may not lock if signal is
weak or the frequency offset is just to much.

To get more understanding of the problem we need to know:

- Is only the older type Skystar 2 affected ? (rev 2.3)
The new version uses a different type/brand receiver module and runs
Open the Statistics screen, the new version (2.6B) does not show a
BER reading below the SNR field.

- If you use the older card, did you take additional cooling
measures ?
A free running VCO could be offset by high temperatures.

I am planning to test the points below:

To check for good locking you can simulate a signal loss by
momentarily disconnecting the lead to the LNB. Be careful when
connecting the cable again, don't short-circuit and discharge statics
If all is well, lock should be regained and Tellique will resume
within a minute.

To compensate an offset, you could try to set the transponder
frequency a few MHz's higher or lower.

Arne van Belle

--- In MSG-1@..., "David Taylor" <david-taylor@b...>
I think that as lot's of don't have to re-boot, it's more likely
to be a computer problem than a card problem ?

Were mine the only computer affected, and if this computer had
problems in the past, I would agree with you. As it is, I am
to the conclusion that the card is not 100% compatible with all
PCs. It certainly wouldn't be the first card to suffer such

Perhaps I should be convinced that the USB solution doesn't have
these difficulties!


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