CLAI and CTH file header contents...

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Folks, by inspection, the file headers for this data are as shown
below. At present, I am converting the lower 6 bits of CTH into a
greyscale (0..252) and adding in the two most significant bits of
the data (fog and height quality) as the two lowest bits of the
image. I guess this produces something like what you are used to

_NAME:=Fog indicator
0:=No fog
1:=Fog in CTH segment

_NAME:=Height quality indicator
0:=Height quality OK
1:=Height quality poor

_NAME:=Cloud top height

I wasn't as sure how to handle CLAI! Clearly there isn't really
anything which is "image" data as such, so I'm just doubling the
data to make 0..110 scale to an image with 0..220. Perhaps we need
to look at colur palettes to interpret the data further. What
amateurs get of MPEF once the trial is over is not known, so I don't
see it as a high priority right now. If you have time, experiment!

_NAME := Scene type
0:=No scene identified; missing input data
1:=Evergreen needleleaf forest
2:=Evergreen broadleaf forest
3:=Deciduous needleleaf forest
4:=Deciduous broadleaf forest
5:=Mixed deciduous forest
6:=Closed shrubland
7:=Open shrubland
8:=Woody savannah
11:=Permanent wetland
14:=Crop/natural vegetation mosaic
15:=Permanent snow/ice
17:=Water bodies
97:=Snow/ice over land
98:=Snow/ice over water
99:=Clear sunlight
101:=Low-level cloud; Fog or Stratus
102:=Low-level cloud; Cumulus or Stratocumulus
103:=Low-level cloud; unknown type
104:=Mid-level cloud; Nimbostratus
105:=Mid-level cloud; Altocumulus or Altostratus
106:=Mid-level cloud; unknown type
107:=High-level cloud; Cumulonimbus
108:=High-level cloud; Cirrus
109:=High-level cloud; unknown type
110:=Unknown cloud type

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