Re: Anyone have problems today

Robert Moore

James I had segments missing from channels 4, 9, 10 and 11 at 1230 today. No idea why. Remainder of the day (so far!) perfect reception.


--On 03 March 2006 15:52 +0000 James Brown <satellite@...> wrote:

I'll take the liberty of asking here first rather than in the software
groups - did anyone experience a hiccough today around the 1215
co-linearity outage? That was the last complete image received. Then my
ramdisk filled up with 719 temp files sometime after that and MDM didn't
seem to cope. Needed a clear out of the temp files, and a re-start of

In time order I found:

1 x 800k tmp file stamped 1309
2 x 0K tmp files stamped 1355
1 x 640k tmp file atamped 1355
1 x 0K tmp file stamped 1355
1 x 896k tmp file stamped 1356


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