Re: Hardware lifetime? CPU? Whats your opinion?

Alan Sewards <asewards@...>

I run my Eumetcast reception system on an Athlon 2400 PC and it has been
running from the beginning of the service trials. OS is Win XP Home, 1
GB RAM. 2 HDD, one as the C: drive and a D: drive for the MSG data. I
lost the D: drive after about a year, I believe largely due to the fact
that I tried to run MSG Animator on the machine as well as Tellicast
reception and MSG Data Manager - it was just too much for the disk, even
though the disk that failed was not the C: drive. Since then I run
Animator on another machine networked to the reception PC. The system
runs 24/7 and is not rebooted except when XP Security updates so
dictate. I have to add that electricity costs in France where I live are
very reasonable and leaving computers on is not costly from the
electricity consumed viewpoint. This does not seem to apply to Germany
from what I have read.

Best regards - Alan

Steve Blackmore wrote:

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:43:42 -0000, you wrote:

I have been running the same PC (an old MSI 6209 barebone) from the
early start of EUMETCast on May 2003. It runs W2K 24x7 and generally
is only rebooted at power loss or "dust-off" maintenance.
Similar story here, mine has 1Gb of memory and hasn't been rebooted
since the dongles were issued. Runs 24/7 flawlessly. CPU fan is getting
a bit noisy so might just be due for an overhaul sometime soon.

Does more harm and causes more stress turning PC's on and off than just
leaving them running.

Steve Blackmore

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