Re: Transponder outage

David J Taylor

We have to remember that this card is a very inexpensive item
and should
be thankful it works as well as it does. As Douglas has pointed
tranponders should not be going up and down like yo-yos, this is
unusual behaviour. Under normal conditions the transponder should
be on for
the life of the satellite, the feed might be interrupted but the
should be solid. It is possible that this is the case here - it
could be the
uplink that is the flaky part or even the computer that switches
whatever is
being sent over the transponder (why do I say even - that is the
most likely
Is there any significance in the fact that Eumetsat talk of "Uplink
problems" rather than transponder problems?

Is it a co-incidence that ever since the 13:00 UTC problems the
signal quality and SNR seem to be peaking to higher levels here (up
to 1.5dB) than before?

Any more questions?


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