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I am one of the lucky ones whose system coasts through the lack of
signal and continues when the signal reappears (Win XP Home, single machine
running DVB, Tellique, MDM). But my experience is mixed. I have found that
if for some reason, tqrecv stops, its game over and turning off the computer
and waiting a few seconds and then restarting is the only way to get it
going again. A warm reboot does not work. On the other hand, if tqrecv keeps
running, all is well, and things will start up again as soon as the red
world turns green. The need to power down suggest that the card is not being
reset either by software or a warm reboot, which is a hardware design fault
on the DVB card if this is so. For those who require a reboot when data
stops arriving - is tqrecv still running? If you need a reboot, is the world
icon green or red? (in other words, is data being received by the DVB
We have to remember that this card is a very inexpensive item and should
be thankful it works as well as it does. As Douglas has pointed out,
tranponders should not be going up and down like yo-yos, this is extremely
unusual behaviour. Under normal conditions the transponder should be on for
the life of the satellite, the feed might be interrupted but the transponder
should be solid. It is possible that this is the case here - it could be the
uplink that is the flaky part or even the computer that switches whatever is
being sent over the transponder (why do I say even - that is the most likely
item!). But my experience indicates that the card will survive a loss of
signal and the DVB driver software (setup4pc) seems to as well. It seems to
be the coupling of tqrecv with the card which results in problems for some
people or under certain conditions.

Regards - Alan

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I notice that a reboot is required on a great number of occation
after the flow of data stops . Why is this, is it the soft ware or
the sat? A reboot to my mind is a failure of the system some where.
If the system is that "flacky" then when can we expect the overall
system to be stable? I know we are still in the experimental stage
but by now I would have thought it would be more stable


I am another of these people who's system requires a reboot. This
time I tried rebooting _before_ the satellite came back, so I was in
a Red Icon state, but when the transponder came back my system
started straight away. So I what can I conclude from that?
Something isn't resetting the card correctly on transponder loss?

It seems to me that it's primarily the DVB PC card/Tellique software
that is the greatest instability - and it works OK for many, but
not, people.


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