Re: GRB and BFR files

Tom Schoettle <tomsracing@...>

Hello James,

could you share with us where to get the converter program?

I don't think GRIB is a bad format. Just complex enough to make the
development of Software a long and complicated process. Hence the
lack of tools which can read and digest these files.

To test and validate GRIB files download the free wgrib from

the homepage is at

excellent tool, I use it for some years now.


On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:46:28 +0100, James Brown wrote:

In message <bn62u1+qjud@...>, David Taylor
<david-taylor@...> writes
Folks, I now have a GRB and BFR file (about 500KB each) if
wants to have a go at decoding them. I'll put them up on the files
I tried using the only grb to tiff convertor that I could find and it
reported a corrupted file. I guess all the bad things that are said
about grb on the web may be true!

James Brown

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