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Alan Sewards <alan.sewards@...>

Hi all,
I too am puzzled with the discontinuities which seem to happen more or
less regularly around midnight UTC. This morning, the 04/2345 image was OK,
but the 05/0000 and 0015 were affected, as were the 0045 and 0100, with the
0030 appearing to be OK. To complicate things, the 0015 LRIT image was
distorted in a similar manner to the HRIT, but the 0045 LRIT seemed to be
It seems very odd that spacecraft imager problems could
be clock-linked, much more likely that there is a software glitch in the
Eumetsat data ingestion systems.The indication that HRIT and LRIT images
differ supports this.It sure messes up the animations! Has anyone
heard anything from Eumetsat on
this effect? Do Eumetsat staff monitor this group?

Best regards - Alan

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Did you notice the strange effects on the midnight images, where
top 200 lines or so were misplaced, as if the scan position sensor
was being misled by solar radiation? They didn't show on the 0015
images, so weren't on the LRIT data. Quite noticeable effects on
the 0045 images, though, both visible and thermal channels, and
HRIT and LRIT data.
same happened last night, with errors in the 0000, 0030 (bottom),
0045 (middle), 0100 (top). I had a quick look to following slots but
they seemed OK.

Not sure what this could be, but the 0000 and 0100 image have the top
lines wiggling into opposite directions, could this really be related
to solar radiation? Why the opposite directions?

Bye, Luca

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