Re: Transponder outage

David J Taylor

I notice that a reboot is required on a great number of occation
after the flow of data stops . Why is this, is it the soft ware or
the sat? A reboot to my mind is a failure of the system some where.
If the system is that "flacky" then when can we expect the overall
system to be stable? I know we are still in the experimental stage
but by now I would have thought it would be more stable


I am another of these people who's system requires a reboot. This
time I tried rebooting _before_ the satellite came back, so I was in
a Red Icon state, but when the transponder came back my system
started straight away. So I what can I conclude from that?
Something isn't resetting the card correctly on transponder loss?

It seems to me that it's primarily the DVB PC card/Tellique software
that is the greatest instability - and it works OK for many, but
not, people.


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