Re: Small problem

Luca Bertagnolio <lucaberta@...>

--- In MSG-1@..., "David Taylor" <david-taylor@b...> wrote:
In view of this, I would suggest not upgrading a system that works,
and waiting until Eumetsat release their new version (if and when)
which has been properly tested.....
I am definitely *not* going to update my drivers!

I have also switched back to the Tellique software I had found on the net before I received the CD from EUMETSAT, as I found that the AstraNet/T-DSL version is much more stable (never had any false start, any double icons in the taskbar and other nasty things).

I found the software here:

Beware, as you might need some fiddling to extract and configure the Tellique software... but I did it, and worked fine even under Linux.

Bye, Luca

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