Re: Tellique under Win 98SE?


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The file system full problem is repeated here in a dedicated 7GB
partition for Tellique gathering raw data under Win 98SE, so even
ensuring adequate free space of 200MB is not a cure.

73 de Wayne M5WJF
.. to handle a large number of files properly, particularly when
they have long file names, you need NTFS.

David is right Wayne,
I almost forgot the most important drawback of W98 (that is FAT32 in
general): You can only store 10.292 files with long filenames in one
folder on this file system !

With the current MSG dissemination that is less than a day's raw data.
Alternatively you could schedule a "copy to subfolder" command to
prevent the file system full messages.

When installing W2K or XP don't be tempted to choose the non-default
FAT32 instead of NTFS !

A word about memory, most PC's also except PC133 memory, more
important is to look up in the manual if it needs to be double sided
or single sided memory. I use a PC that does not exept double sided,
so I am left using only 2 x 128 MB because 256 MB DIMMs just count up
to 128 mB !

Arne van Belle

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