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I decided to install the new SkyStar 4.2.8 this morning as well and besides of
requiring the repair file, my XP-pro machine shows the same behaviour as you
mention. I personally find it so disturbing that I have decided to roll back to
the 'old' version. That one runs smooth in combination with the Data Manager.


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Hello Group,

Got around to finally sorting out my computer yesterday, after a while
it gets so full of 'stuff' it needs a spring clean. So I now have a
brand new installation of Windows XP, but...... Having got the SkyStar
card in and working I installed the Tellique software which also runs.
The problem is that as files are being received I get VERY short
hesitations, as though the computer has come to a halt. Now the
hardware is exactly the same as before, apart from the addition of
more memory, but I have used the updated drivers 4.2.8 for the SkyStar
card, the Tellique software is as before. I have to make clear that it
is only while the Tellique software is running that I get these
hesitations. Anyone having the same problem?

Best regards,
John mailto:kvp@...

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