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After reading the RIG article and living on the US east coast, I am
interested in setting up a MSG system. Is anyone receiving this way
yet? I could use a little help on this type of receiver and card.


Jeff Kelly

Someone in EUMETSAT has successfully used the TechniSat SkyStar 2 PCI
(see Timestep advertisement in the September RIG Journal) to receive the
EUMETCast service from Atlantic Bird-3.

As David said earlier, you will need to register with EUMETSAT to receive
service and to be able to obtain the tq(R)-TELLICAST software - from
You will also need David Taylor's MSG Manager software.

You will need a large dish - 2.4 to 3.7m.
Also, of course, a C-Band feedhorn with a slab in its throat for LHC
A C-band LNB that will output between 950 and 2150 MHz to feed into the

EUMETCast C-Band service parameters:

Atlantic Bird-3.
Transponder C02.
Frequency 3726.7535 MHz.
Symbol Rate 5.964 Msymbol/s.
FEC Auto.

More information in EUMETSAT Technical document EUM TD 15 issue 2. available
on the EUMETSAT website - <A HREF=""></A>

I'm sure you will find C-Band equipment more easily available on your side of
the pond.
C-Band never really happened on this side of the Atlantic as far as DTH
satellite TV is concerned.

You might try Chaparral for feedhorns and Dexcel Inc. for LNB's.
Both I think are in Santa Clara CA.

I hope this has been of some use.

John Tellick.
Remote Imaging Group.

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