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Robert Moore

James, no problems here.

--On 09 May 2005 09:56 +0100 Douglas Deans <> wrote:

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Subject: [MSG-1] OT Odd messages

Apologies for being OT - but I just wondered if anyone else has been
getting a spate of messages marked VIRUS ALERT coming to their yahoo
group address for this group?
The following is the main body of the text:
Diese E-Mail enthielt eine oder mehrere infizierte Dateien,
die nicht repariert werden konnten.
Vielen Dank,

Good morning James,

No I have not received any via Yahoo. However for the past 4 or 5 days
there has been a huge increase in Virus attachments generally......but all
caught with Norton Internet Security 2005. Indeed last Wednesday I
received 50 through my Freeserve (Wanadoo) address.
They all seem to be variants of W32.sober.(something).
I do wish those virus guys would get another sats or
something !!


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