Re: [SatSignal] missing segments - program stop

Trevor Davies <g0jix@...>

Hi MSG'rs
> David,
> I have this but on the 0815 cycle where all HRIT/LRIT channels
have segments 2 4 5 6 7 8 are missing, segment 3 has the first few
lines missing and the 0830 cycle is missing . HRV all except 1 and 2

Looks very similar here.....

Exactly the same here.

> Looking at the process log this seems to be a reception problem.
The Tellique log shows that between 08:21:48 and 08:47:19 the only
Channel 2 files received were Admin and many expired keys are
> I wonder if this problem could be related to specific users, maybe
a problem with the dissemination and user keys etc.
> Peter

I doubt it - looks like there was a break in the feed around that
time. The access control tests aren't due until December 02 as I

I agree with David

73 de Trevor G0JIX
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