MSG Data Manager Stopped processing

davidstrickland2003 <David@...>

My collection computer has been running since late Friday 10
October. The computer that runs MSG Data Manager was turned on
yesterday ( It is used for other jobs with occassional bursts of MSG
processing. It was left on overnight to catch up on the MSG
processing. I noticed this morning that it had stopped processing
the stored files at 13 October 1800. Sometime between 0800 this
morning and 0900 it continued to process with as far as I know no
actions that could have triggered the processing restart other than
possibly starting up a different machine on the same network. I
notice that it has now caught up with all the stored data and is
running fine. I have also noticed that MSG animator does nothing
until the catch up has occurred. I have the missing segemnts reports
for this location if you want them. The two computers are coupled by
wireless 54g.

Regards David S.

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