T-Systems IP Address on Intranet

M5WJF <m5wjf.qthr@...>

Hi All,

Oh am I having problems here!

I have swapped over to a two PC system, having XP Pro on one machine
and 98SE on another. The intention being to collect raw data using
Tellique/98SE and process this using MDM/XP Pro over a 100Mbit

Having discovered that Norton Firewall on the XP Pro machine wanted
fixed Intranet IP's and the 98SE machine configured as a trusted
site before allowing a viable Network to exist, I've now run into
problems with the Tellique Software running on the 98SE machine.

It requires an IP of by default for the Interface,
which appears to be the wrong address.

Having tried (98SE PC) I've now got an error report
of 'Receive buffer size for socket could not be adapted to requested
value (1000000 > 65280). This could cause reception problems. Check
system limits!'

Ahem, all well and good if I knew where to look for these limits or
indeed what the settings should be, obviously I've got something
configured incorrectly, anyone able to offer me a solution?

73 de Wayne M5WJF

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