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Robert Moore

Well folks - I don't know exactly what it was but I am now up and running. I re-installed Tellique software half a dozen times and the EKU software two or three times. Interestingly the 'tc.recv.exe' did not always install and I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it back. Also my details in recv.ini had been overwritten at a very early stage and in all the backup copies. AFter all that was sorted out I reinstalled the EKU software in case I had shifted the slot (Dell users will know the two front USB slots are very close on top of one another) and we were back in business. So much was going on it was virtually impossible to say exactly which alteration got things going, or indeed if it was any one thing. I suspect it was password/EKU problem because I was getting the default six-hourly data OK.
Thanks Dabid, Peter, Debbie and others - if has been nearly three days I think, everyone has been patient and helpful.
David on 'Setup4PC' I still have B2C2 and I gather others have this too. Is the Technisat software on the latest CD from EUMETSAT? As B2C2 seems to work OK for a others I wonder if there is any need to change (I'm rather change-averse at present!).
Best wishes

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