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Robert Moore

Really strange Debbie - I made multiple backups of my recv.ini file in various locations before installing the upgrade and then copied one back into the active folder afterwards. I have discovered this afternoon that _all_ these files are now generic username. This remained the case after I did a system restore to late March. How all these files came to be overwritten with the contents of a file I didn't even know I had baffles me .... but I hope it will all be sorted out tonight.

--On 19 April 2005 17:39 +0000 debbiejaynerichards <> wrote:


This may be a silly question, but are you using the generic username
and password as this only gives access to 6 hourly data.


--- In, Robert Moore <rsmoore@l...> wrote:
Thanks for that David - I'll be looking at it shortly I hope! I am
only getting 6 hourly images so I have decided to do a System
Restore to
well before I started the upgrade. If I can get everything running
on the
old basis I can then start again. Can I check one thing with list
When you do Setup4PC what banner do you get across the top of the
window -
I get a B2C2 logo. I gather not everyone gets this with the upgraded
Anyhow - here goes the System Restore!


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