Re: upgrading

Robert Moore

Thanks Arne - this morning I have the 0000 - the twelve channels of Met-8. So I have been getting these data every 6 hours for the last 24. It looks as if I'm on some sort of a minimal, default, access to the data.

These are my latest reception times

GOES-9 -10 -12 0000
Met-5 -7 -8 0000
GOES-9 0300
GRB AND BFR continuous until power cut
GRB 17th 1411 and 1725
18th 0325

There is no problem with MDM deleting files, I have tried manual deletes from processing PC to receiver PC /received/ folder and this works OK. The regularity of the reception, every six hours, is - I am sure - significant. But I can't work out why.
My user_name and user_key were both cuts and paste from the previous installation.

Thnaks for your help

Your problem may be two fold: Do you receive raw data other than the
6 hourly "essential" data now ? This could be a user_key / password
problem but as far as I know you won't receive this data with a faulty
password. The general Eumetcastuser name and password as given in the
readme on the CDROM does give you only the essential data.

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