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Robert Moore

Thanks Arne - I have everything as listed in your email except tc-recv.exe is not in Program Files but in its own directory, with the other files, including 'received'. This is how my system has been all afternoon. I'm still processing 1800 data!
Do I remember something about recv.channels.ini having the line 'allow_execute=1' in, rather than #ed?


--On 17 April 2005 20:19 +0000 a_van_belle <> wrote:

Hello Robert,

Make sure you have correctly installed the eToken runtime v3.51.
(folder &#92;Windows&#92;EKU_Software on the CDROM)

To see if your eToken is read correctly, open the TelliCast HTML shell
and goto "License". Only if you see "host_key_4: ****-****-****-****"
your eToken and the eToken software are working correctly.

Check that your recv.ini does not contain a "user_key_crypt=" but a
"user_key=" entry. The user_key should be readable as was supplied.

I have installed tellicast in the default path, tc-recv.exe lives in:
C:&#92;Program Files&#92;T-Sytems&#92;BusinessTV-IP

To save the received data to another folder edit recv-channels.ini,
edit line "#target_directory=....." and remove the leading #
For example: target_directory=d:&#92;MSGreceived

Good luck !
Arne van Belle

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