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just let me add something already
confirmed by Eumestat.
They have stated that the future has still to be considered but that the
current DVB arrangement will continue at least until they have a full
operational set-up with proven, fully working satellites. They have defined
that as MSG-3 operational and MSG-2 in standby.

That has indeed been my understanding for some time now and I, personally,
think that this will be the case.

However I have raised these matters - future dissemination and data policy,
EUMETSAT and have been informed that a definite answer cannot yet be given.
The future of EUMETCast is on the agenda for several upcoming delegate body

But I have been told MSG-2, 3 and 4 the SSPAs will be modified and the
will be run as planned, this includes L-band dissemination.

We need to remember that EUMETSAT is governed by the EUMETSAT Council
so, dare I say, what EUMETSAT would like to do may not necessarily be agreed
by the members of the EUMETSAT Council.

The next EUMETSAT Council meeting is in November so I hope there will be some
good news to follow.


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