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Still very puzzling David. I have everything back in its rights place (ie nothing inside the program Files). Data Manager is set to delete files and the path is open (I've just checked by manually deleting a file in the /received/ folder on my receiver PC from this, my processing PC).
In the received file I have multiple copies of all the data coming at 1800 (Met-8 plus all the other FSD data, amsua amsub etc)
Are these data made available on a six-hourly basis to unregistered users ... I was wondering if I was getting full access, though that wouldn't explain the continuous processing of multiple images? 'Open one' in GSS shows just 1200 and 1800 images for all satellites.
Most odd to have both PC working hard but with nothing to show for it!


--On 17 April 2005 11:55 +0100 David J Taylor <> wrote:

Robert Moore wrote:
A problem remains: I have the PIDs set as in the instructions on your
web site but I am only getting GOES-12 data MPEF etc (Channel 1 and
Channel 3 data?) but no HRIT. In Setup4PC 'Statistics' there are only
data on line 4; MC 01-00-5E-5F-DE-DF the others are zero. 'netstat
-a' showed that 1065 was missing.

Given that all the settings seem to be OK I'm puzzled by this.

Check the PIDs again. Be sure when right-clicking the green Setup4PC
taskbar icon that "EUMETCast :: Hotbird 13 E" is ticked, and not

I think if you have a wrong username and password that might stop the
HRIT data but leave GOES and MPEF (Data Channel 3). Is the 30-minute
Met-5 and Met-7 coming through? If so, I would guess the password is OK.

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