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Robert Moore

Douglas - yes, two PCs. On the receiver I have set 'sharing' to 'share this folder on the network' and 'allow network users to change my files'. Will the latter enable MDM to delete, I can not see any other permissions to delete (and I needed none of this before re-installation)?
I did, by the way, empty the received folder by hand recently, current (1615 GMT) state of play is that I have images for following times:

GOES-9 1200
GOES-10 1500
GOES-12 1500
MET-5 1200
MET-7 1200
All HRIT data 1200

Shambles about describes it!


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David, chickens counted before hatched! Data Manager is now processing
HRIT, Met-5 and Met-7 and GOES-12 in a loop - all 1200 (GMT) data. The
lines in the log file in Manager racing down the screen documenting this
Ho, hum ...


Robert I assume you are using 2 computers on a network. If so it sounds
as if the receiving computers file location has not be given the full
'permissions' on the share arrangement. Select allow changes to this
folder to be made on the network.
Basically MSG DM is trying to delete a processed file, not being allowed
to on the network, and seeing it still there and re-processing it. It
quickly becomes a complete shambles.
I am speaking with the voice of experience !!

Hope that helps.


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